Friday, June 29, 2007

Benediction : "Organised Chaos" [2001]

..:: Información del Álbum ::..
Banda: Benediction
Organised Chaos


Death Metal


74.5 MB



Ma†ías said...

Benediction, the stoic, elusive englishmen with a penchant for turning out consistently kick-ass LPs return with a new fire under their ass, and (Coincedence?) A new vocalist by the name of Dave Hunt. Upon first listen, Hunt sounds like a Hardcore Dave Ingram, but after consecutive listens, he turns out to have a pretty unique style all his own that meshes pretty well with Benediction slightly toned down, yet still Thrashable Death Metal.

Opening with "Suicide Rebellion", one of the few songs here that sound as if it could have come right from Transcend The Rubicon or Subconscious Terror. One of my favorites. The next few tracks aren't anywhere nearly as memorable as this one, but are all good in their own way.

Nothing On The Inside is another favorite of mine, simply because of it's absolutely levelling breakdown. The stop and go riff in the middle of this one is known for causing stress fractures and herniated discs. The stout Andy Sneap mix does a lot for songs like these.

Keeping with tradition, nothing on this album deviates from the formula set by the first few songs. Where Benediction is concerned, this is a good thing. They don't need wanky fag solos or "I cry when I see flowers and ponds" acoustic interludes. Nor is there any spoken word or female vocals. Yessir, this is 100% Death fucking Metal, the way it was and should be.

I still miss Dave Ingram though. :'-(


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