Sunday, June 24, 2007

Defloration: "The Bone Collection" [2007]

Death Metal
Remission Records
33.8 MB

Cover Artwork by Svencho (Aborted)
1.The Last Breath03:35
2.Eternal Dying02:55
3.The Bone Collection I - The Quest For Bone Idol03:47
4.Burn This World03:49
5.False Haven03:31
6.The War Within03:41
7.Raise The Hell03:09
9.I Pontifex03:55
10.The Bone Collection II - Crushed Bones And Empty Bodies05:29
Total playing time36:31

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Ma†ías said...

I don’t know what lies ahead for the Brutal Death Metal genre. I mean, everything from Black to Power Metal experienced at least some form of evolution over the years but the bands in this br00tal pigeonhole seem to be stuck in a loop where the only constant is endless repetition. That wouldn’t necessarily be so bad had the original musical template been a bit more interesting and/or challenging, but no such luck… I am so jaded by these types of bands that almost nothing impresses me anymore. Like I said many times before, it would not hurt to inject more into the music than just mere sonic brutality.

OK, so here we have a German band by the rather dreadful name of DEFLORATION. Upon first listen their modus operandi is obvious – pure DEICIDE/SUFFOCATION worship, with a little touch of VOMITORY. They are not going to turn Metal heads with an inventive display of riffing or a myriad of unorthodox vocal idiosyncrasies, but they are damn tight and they even manage to thrown in a fair amount of great mosh-worthy riffs (just check out the brilliant “False Haven”) and decent little solos. For the most part it is the usual story with brutal DM bands – tight but ultimately inessential songs. For the most part… Yep, they did manage to impress me with a few nifty songs, chief among them the aforementioned “False Haven” and “Frozen”. The former features some excellent opening riffage and lead guitar, all of it supplemented by a crunchy guitar tone. Trust me this is the type of track that will steal the show when featured on one of those everyday Metal compilations. The latter track starts off fervently in the best KRISIUN blast-o-mania, with some catchy riffs creeping in after the 1minute mark. Other tracks of note include the Doom-inflected closer and the straightforward opener. It’s all quite unoriginal but they pull it off with bared teeth and a glint in the eye.

Of course some fillers are present here and they prevent me from giving this album a really good score. But apart from a few superfluous songs (“Eternal Dying”, “Raise The Hell”) this is a strong album. Based on some of the song titles this might be a semi-concept album; I don’t have the lyrics so I might be wrong. Production-wise this top-notch stuff with every instrument being very audible and tuned to perfection, at least in terms of Death metal tuning. Oh yeah, the artwork (courtesy of Svencho from ABORTED) is also beautiful in a macabre way.

Most of these bands can’t ever hope to do more than nibble at the crumbs that fall from the table where NILE, MORBID ANGEL and VADER feast, but DEFLORATION might just be awarded a seat in the future, assuming they develop more of an identity of their own. As it stands now they are one of the ‘least worst’ bands doing the rounds.


Ma†ías said...

Despite receiving regular flak from various circles in the scene, Cannibal Corpse remain an influential institution within death metal. Given this, you can barely swing a dead baby without hitting sound-a-likes. Germany's Defloration haven't so much taken pages from CCs book as torn the cover off and replaced it with their own.

Obvious comparisons begin with Rödel's vocals, being more than a little Corpsegrinder, albeit perhaps a little more guttural. Fortunately there is the occasional dual vocal layering in the usual form of high/low, the high in this case taking the form of a ghoulish growl. Riff wise we're looking at later era CC with the technical bent. The songs are built around repetitions of variant, spiralling riffs, (lacking Webster style in-your-face bass however) and apart from the closing track barely approach four minutes. Said track, 'The Bone Collection II - Crushed Bones And Empty Bodies' does add a little Candlemass via Nile briefly, but quickly degenerates into a Swedish style riff bonanza.

So, you might hear a bit of 'Psychotic Precision' in the 'The Last Breath' or a slight 'Hammer Smashed Face' breakdown in 'The Frozen. Originality isn't Defloration's strong point. What they do pull off however is taking some of CCs stronger moments and funneling them into an entire album. It may be a little samey, but its played with aplomb.

Written by Skammdegisthunglyndi on January 30th, 2008

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