Friday, June 29, 2007

Drawn And Quartered : "Merciless Hammer Of Lucifer " [2007]

..:: Información del Álbum ::..
Banda: Drawn And Quartered
Merciless Hammer Of Lucifer


Death Metal


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Ma†ías said...

Initially the low-level buzzing production of this album put me off. The impression was that this was a rushed and cheap in comparison to last years "Hail Infernal Darkness". This still holds some merit, but this is not in any way in better or worse than anything previously released by D&Q.

Drawn and Quartered remain one of the more interesting "brutal" death metal bands out there today and this new release is pure death metal. The guitar riffs are heaving and are becoming more complex in both arrangement and execution. The similarities to Immolation are still abundant with the aforementioned riffing remniscent of "Close To A World Below " and vocals that are expertly exhaled ah via "Unholy Cult". This is a good thing! I'd rather hear Immolation influence in a modern death metal band than say... Cannibal Corpse influence. Guitar riffs aside, without the abundance of guitar solos found on their previous album I am not as interested in repeated listens. Less is more in some cases, but not in this instance.

A consistent and professional modern death metal band playing hypnotic and continually interesting music in a unique style. Go for it.


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