Friday, June 29, 2007

Neuraxis : "A Passage into Forlorn" [2001]

..:: Información del Álbum ::..
Banda: Neuraxis
A Passage into Forlorn


Technical Melodic Death Metal




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Ma†ías said...

First found these guys on, one of the true great death metal bands that are featured on there, and definitely proof that, despite there being some bad quality and poor bands on there.

Already within the first minute of "Unite", Neuraxis show off many attributes in their armoury, from full on death metal, melodic intent, progressive leanings and a great keen eye for writing quality songs as much as being heavy. Sounding similar like a heavier and more solid Shadows Fall, with riffs jumping back and forth, chopping and ever changing, keeping the listener hooked already.

An incredible standard of musicianship is shown on the 3 minute run of "Unite", and is certainly continued throughout the rest of the recording. The beautiful intro of "Virtuosity", makes way for the vicious blasting, and intricately played iniquity style almost progressive death that follows, not a foot wrong throughout.

If you think I am playing with words, and dressing a good band up to be an outstanding talent, then just listen to the immaculately played "Link", with its tapping, fast blast rhythms, harmonies, stunningly tight drum patterns and snare rolls, and well put together and powerfully delivered vocals. A magnificent song.

Production wise as well, this is perfect. A great job has been done to show off their many musical assets, there is a very good clarity throughout, everything where it should be, nothing standard out and annoying the ear, all mixed together really nicely.

And so it goes on, every track is well crafted, showing off many different influences and styles, that put themselves way above a huge amount of the already good crop of death metal bands arriving onto the scene.

Neuraxis will be heard. They deserve to be known amongst the real heavy weights of the metal scene. In general, hunt down a copy of this, or anything else they've done and be proud.


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