Friday, June 29, 2007

Mindsnare : "Black crystal Sun" [2006]

..:: Información del Álbum ::..
Banda: Mindsnare
Black crystal Sun


Brutal Death Metal


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Ma†ías said...

The 2006 Mind Snare’s EP, Black Crystal Sun is awesome. For this EP they’ve changed the label, having a contract with the Cxxtbxxcher Records and you can hear the difference very well in the production…In the past it was more clean but this one is simply powerful and more “brutal death metal” in my opinion, so better for them.

Wardance song starts this EP after a small intro of distorted bass and obscure drum sound. In the beginning this song is quite “slow” but after few seconds it starts grinding like a mad…Pavinato at the drum is as usual, incredible, playing some extreme, fast, technical parts and giving something more to the song from the point of view of the fantasy.

Guitars are inspired by the whole brutal death metal scene, but with this great production they seems more obscure and evil; the guitar refrain on Scorn Of The Defeated is amazing, supported by a great drum work and massive vocal parts. In this case they recalled me the great songs in Suffocation’s Despise The Sun EP.

The title track is the fastest song, obscure and evil…vocals seem to come out directly from hell while the drum is inhuman. Gladiator is the speech directly taken from the movie, when they are about to attack the German population. This small intro is the opening part for the last song, I Shall Never Fall. In this case Deicide influences are stronger in guitar sound but also with the black ones, a trademark for the group.

The last two tracks are recorded live, at the Obscene Festival. The record is not so good but the violence is as usual, well demonstrated. The tracks here done are Along The Shores Of Styx and Blood and Dust, both of From Blood To Dust album.

This EP is simply great and I can’t wait for the next full length. I’m sure the Mind Snare will prove once again their supremacy in brutal death metal field, and not only in Italy. Total support for them, they deserve it.


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