Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Deicide : "Once Upon the Cross" [1995]

Death Metal
Earache Records
64.33 MB

Glen Benton - Bass/Vocals
Eric Hoffman - Guitar
Brian Hoffman - Guitar
Steve Asheim - Drums

All music written by Deicide
All lyrics written by Glen Benton
Intros taken from the film "The Last Temptation of Christ"

In America, the cover of the album is censored with a sticker basically telling
you that it is very explicit, however it is only on the plastic case and is
removeable. Not stuck on the actual cover of the booklet.
Once Upon the Cross

Christ Denied

When Satan Rules His World

Kill the Christian

Trick or Betrayed

They Are the Children of the Underworld

Behind the Light Thou Shall Rise

To Be Dead

Confessional Rape

Total playing time



Ma†ías said...

This is by far the best Deicide's album. When i first listened to it, i was shocked. How could a four-man band sound so heavy? How could a human being shout like that? Of course , that was like 7 years ago and the big impact is gone, but this still is Death Metal at its best, and Deicide's finest hour.

It sems like Deicide did learn a lot since "Legion" was released 3 years before. They buried all the stupid stuff and laughable voices. Benton has devolped his growls to an incredible level of brutality, and the music is more "in-your-face" much heavier and direct.

The technical side is still there but hidden beneath the tons of power. However the song structures are simple and similar in all songs but in a very nice way. Also the performances are well done.

Steve Asheim's drumming is awesome, with everlasting double-bass patterns moving towards some blast-beats that kill. The toms sound low and powerful in one of the best sounds i've ever heard from them. On the other hand, the bass is deep and effective, supporting all the heaviness of the music. The riffs are cool and headbangeable. They're sometimes dark, sometimes catchy and sometimes both. Also, they're based on heavy palm-muted tremolo picking and create a double 6-string attack that slashes and destroys every opposition. Fortunately, the vocal patterns are much better than before, just listen to the chorus of "Trick or Betrayed" and you'll want to scream the shit out of your throat.

The intro for this can manage to -unlike the one of "Legion"- create a dark and satanic atmosphere. It is Jesus Christ sorrounded by the sounds of hell screaming "Father! why have you forsaken me?!" and UGH!! "Once Upon the Cross" kicks in and shows Deicide's brand new brutal sound. Accordingly the lyrics are pure satanic stuff that fits perfectly in the music. It is a short but aggressive album from the begining till the end.

It is difficult to tell any highlights on this beacause it's very consistent but i think "Christ Denied" density, "Trick or Betrayed" catchiness, "Behind the Light Thou Shall Rise" brutality and "Confessional Rape" doomy sound are the best of this.

Written by Lord_Demonized on October 6th, 2004

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

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