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Deicide : "In Torment in Hell" [2001]

Death Metal
Earache Records
46.79 MBAccording to the band, Roadrunner Records rushed Deicide to finish the work on
the album, which explains the poor artwork and sound quality.
Recorded and mixed in 4 days, April 9-13 2001.

Line-up :
Glen Benton - vocals, bass
Eric Hoffman - lead guitar
Brian Hoffman - lead guitar
Steve Asheim - drums

Produced by Deicide.
Engineered by Jim Morris.
Mixed by Deicide and Jim Morris.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Morrisound Recording, Tampa, FL.

All lyrics written by Glen Benton.
All music written by Deicide.
Deicide uses B.C. Rich guitars and Mesa Boogie amps exclusively.

In Torment in Hell

Christ Don't Care

Vengeance Will Be Mine

Imminent Doom

Child of God

Let It Be Done

Worry in the House of Thieves

Lurking Among Us

Total playing time


Ma†ías said...

So here we have another release from Florida death metal band, Deicide. I don't really know what to think of this album. Deicide's sound has always evolved, having no two albums that sound alike, and I commend them for that, but this is just a bad direction to go in. First of all, it sounds nothing like Deicide, so if you like albums like Legion or or Stench of Redemption, don't expect even close to the same level of brutality in this album. I don't know why I tolerate this album. Maybe it's because it's the first death metal album i ever heard Five years ago, which let me to an eventual obsession of the underground. But when I listen to this album five years later, it's just not that good.
Some songs are actually not bad. Christ Don't Care is okay, but I think they could've taken a few minutes to think of a better title than that. Child of God is pretty cool, and I enjoy Let It Be Done. Vengeance Will Be Mine has a few layered vocals, which sound pretty evil, but this is nothing new to Deicide.
Speaking of which, the satanic act is starting to get old, at least with this band. In case you don't know, there are some questions about whether Glen Benton really is a satanist. I honestly don't know, and I dont lose sleep over it, but It's just the same thing over and over. I don't mind satanic lyrics, I really don't. In fact, if your lyrics are any better than "Amerika the Brutal" By SFU, I'll probably tolerate it. Maybe it's just because the lyrics on this album are pretty poorly written, as is the whole song Lurking Among Us.
The blastbeats on this album just sound off to me. Steve's talent is nothing less than amazing, but this album takes almost no talent behind the drumset. If you can play a simple blast beat, you can play this album on the drums. This is another reason why it just doesn't sound like Deicide.
If you know nothing about Death Metal, give this a listen. If you love albums like Legion or Deicide, you'll probably be disappointed by this release. I give this album a 75 only because there are a couple songs, Like Child of God, that don't sound too bad, but keep in mind, you have to forget that this is Deicide.

Written by Wrath_Of_War on March 23rd, 2007

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