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Deicide : "Deicide " [1990]

Death Metal
Earache Records
76.57 MB

Glen Benton - Bass/Vocals
Eric Hoffman - Guitar
Brian Hoffman - Guitar
Steve Asheim - Drums

Produced by Deicide and Scott Burns
Engineered and mixed by Scott Burns
Recorded at Morrisound Recording, Tampa, FL - March 1990

Al music written by Deicide, all lyrics written by Glen Benton
Deicide logo by Glen Benton and Eric Hoffman

Remastered and re-released in 1998.
Lunatic of God's Creation

Sacrificial Suicide

Oblivious To Evil

Dead By Dawn



Carnage In The Temple of The Damned


Day of Darkness


Total playing time


Ma†ías said...

This is one of the greatest albums ever recorded. It has it all: blasphemous lyrics, harsh vocals, brutal riffs, and intense drumming. Sounds pretty cliche, right? Wrong. Not when you take those 4 elements and do them the way Deicide did back in 1990.

I'll start off with Glen Benton. He is the one everyone thinks of when they hear the name Deicide. His vocals on this album are less "br00tal" than on later Deicide albums, but still great. I found this to be common among other classic death metal bands (Dave Vincent is less brutal vocal wise on Altars of Madness than say, Covenant. Chris Barnes is less brutal on Eaten Back to Life vocal wise than on Tomb of the Mutilated). Vocal wise he has always had his own voice, which has become part of the Deicide trademark. His vocals are intense, harsh growls and shrieks, and he pronounciates his words pretty well. Glen Benton has released 7 albums, with nothing but anti-christian and Satanic lyrics. This may get old for some, but again, it's all a part of the Deicide trademark. As far as his bass playing abilities, he has a lot of skill. He either follows Brian or Eric, but doing that is no easy accomplishment, especially if you're handling vocals as well.

Now onto the Hoffman twins. Brian and Eric are some of the most overlooked metal guitarists, ever. Deicide's riffs are as brutal as you can be, without being overly brutal. What I mean is, if you take a band like say, Deeds of Flesh, the riffs are indeed BRUTAL, but so brutal that it sounds chaotic (I'm not knocking off Deeds, I am a fan of their music). Deicide are as brutal as you can be, and still easy to follow riff wise. As for their solos, they are thrash solos from hell. On later albums they even do more melodic, mid paced solos, but on this album, what you can expect are lightning fast solos that would give Kerry King a run for his money.

Now onto Steve Asheim. Another highly overlooked musician in metal. When people think of death metal drummers, they always think of Pete Sandoval. Steve Asheim is right up there with Pete. His double bass beats are solid, and his bass drums sound like an AK47 aimed at the head of a priest. He doesn't do as many snare blasts as other death metal drummers, but his drum beats are intense. When he does snare blast, it's like a jackhammer to your temple, about to make your head explode. What Steve has done was take thrash drumming and made it twice as extreme.

How can any fan of metal not like this album? Deicide will always be my favorite band, and this is definately one of their best albums. If you have not heard this album yet, I am not kidding when I say: YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS IN METAL!

Written by Thrasher666 on February 10th, 2004

Ma†ías said...

Production: Ambitious; aims high for acceptable production value, and falls short of this goal for reasons that no doubt have to do with lack of appropriate funding. The mix is raw, but captures the overall vision.

Deicide's debut comes at the listener with a force of a category five hurricane with intent to put one into a state of shock. Jaw dropping aggression executed with an atonal sense of rhythmic harmonic framework drive these compositions straight into a nihilistic exploration of anger and agony.

If one is lucky enough to have this be their first Deicide experience, the effect will cause the person to re-evaluate all they knew about extreme metal, especially if one is not familiar with this type of music.

Vocals here set a precedent for a new level of the "scream approach". The low-end growl accustomed to death metal is instead replaced with the yell of a wild beast on a mission to smother the listener with demonic blasphemies; using up to three vocal tracks to harmonize wretched varying degrees of antichristian tone. This technique paralyzes the listener, giving one no choice but to take notice of this maniac disciple of hell.

The aesthetic here is one of "all who enter abandon all hope"; Deicide has no intention on giving a happy alternative to god, but to enforce the violent tortures of the underworld and accept it as true reality.

Rhythm is the keyword; unique in how Deicide uses it, even creating vocal lines to give the added impression of another rhythmic layer. Even melodies strive to create deeper patterns of harmony to explore rhythm; this reviewer feels the hooks that result from this equally attribute to the overall spell this album invokes.

Bass is buried in the mix and unfortunately ignored, but guitars make up for it with abusive manipulation of distortion. High speed power chords and tremelo go back and forth between each other and is the focus of technique. Lightning quick solos muddy together a wide range of notes with the dual aspect of making sense when normally they would not in these type of patterns. The lack of style becomes the style.

Drums pound in a simple but ingenious intensity, complimenting these songs so well that at times it seems the songs revolve around what the drums are doing. Guitars and drums work together to hypnotize the listener while vocals bark theatrical satanic themes to give the listener the thrill of a lifetime.

This debut release mirrors the postmodern condition of those who see through the false hope that past generations tried to convince us as being truth. The value of this phenomenal artistic creation cannot be measured, or reached by many.

Written by namelessheretic on January 13th, 2006

Ma†ías said...

Fuck, to think that anything as evil as this was released eighteen years ago is pretty hard to believe. Bands such as Morbid Angel and Slayer were becoming famous for creating chaotic, evil thrash/death metal, but this album surpasses the releases of both of those band in terms of sheer aggression and intense delivery.

This is Deicide's debut full-length album and probably the best thing they have released thus far. It's a nasty, intimidating album, with a hellish atmosphere that few bands are able to capture nowadays. It's pretty over-the-top; most songs are extremely fast and relatively short, and the lyrics are ruthlessly confronting, even for those who don't follow a religion. It's relatively short length is wholly appropriate as many would consider a long album in the same vein as this as a fairly draining listen.

The openening "Lunatic Of God's Creation" starts off pretty mid-paced but soon speeds up to an excessively violent pace. This song, while nothing too special is pretty great and is a good representation of what you are going to hear for the rest for the rest of the album's duration.

"Sacrificial Suicide" comes up next, and is awesome. The song would probably be the most "accessible" on the album, but is still crushingly brutal. The first few riffs are sick. The whole song is a killer in general.

Nothing on this album, however, will reach the greatness of the fourth song "Dead By Dawn". (un)Holy shit! This is a fucking amazing song, and maybe the most evil death metal song around. The whole song is so damn chaotic, and the chorus with the screams of "DEAD BY DAWN!" is the album's most memorable moment.

This album is an intense and punishing ride. While maybe not the easiest thing to listen to, its bloody good if you're looking for something consistently fast, evil and satanic. Admittedly, there are better albums than this one, but still this is a great fucking album and is definitely mandatory for any fan of brutal old-school death metal.


Written by Ck_Raging_Violence on December 30th, 2008

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