Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Immolation : "Failures for Gods" [1999]

Death Metal
1 Junio, 1999
Metal Blade Records

Ross Dolan : bass/vocals
Thomas Wilkinson : guitar
Robert Vigna : guitar
Alex Hernandez : drums

1.Once Ordained05:22
2.No Jesus, No Beast04:43
3.Failures For Gods06:25
5.God Made Filth03:58
6.Stench Of High Heaven04:24
7.Your Angel Died05:26
8.The Devil I Know05:24
Total playing time40:19



Ma†ías said...

To start the review by saying that I agree with lot of people that the sound is not the best possible, but I don't agree that it's horrible/boring, vice versa. When I listen to this album I get the feeling of something sinister and dark. On some places the production does it's job perfectly, creating the mood for the album. But on some places, it dries out some of the instruments. Personally, I would have loved to hear the bass much more. The biggest complaiment I have is the drums, the bassdrums are too much in the spotlight, and the sound isn't the best I have to say.

On this album, Alex Hernandez makes his first appereance in Immolation, and does one hell-of-a-job. More technical than Craig Smilowski, but doesn't go over the line with it. Ross's vocals are always a joy, they are low and you can understand what he say's. And to the guitar section. Bob and Thomas make an fantastic job, creating turbulence of darkness with the riffs and solo's. Bob's solo's are technical, melodic (but not in the gay-way, if you think like that) and they always hit the spot. And the lyrics are not the same masslyrics you hear from death-metal bands talking about Satan, gore and so on. They are atheistic lyrics, and they truly make you think about the world of these days. The lyrics challenge's religions and that they pretty much dont have any room in this world. But as I said, they are not: Fuck Christ, destroy heaven, blaa blaa. They have lot's of thought behind them.

I would recommend this album to people into the NYDM scene (Suffocation, Mortician, etc.) and basically people into brutal death-metal, technical death-metal and death metal in general. I recommend that you buy this album, you wont be dissapointed.

Written by Immolationed on April 8th, 2007

Ma†ías said...

New York Death Metal pioneers Immolation release an interesting album here. Although the previous reviews tend to label this as boring and complain about the production, I believe the point is being entirely missed. What this album is all about is composition.

Much like a classical musician incorporates several different movements into their peice, Immolation similarly creat a metal symphony. Each track starts off at a point and gradually drifts to a different mood with time changes, atmospheric changes, and varying speeds/intensities. Stylistically, this is still the same percussive-centered, soaring lead, blasting new york style of death metal, but done in a more intelligent manner. Each song spends time developing multiple well-thought out riffs while drums constantly rain down fills, and cymbals. Vocals emphasize short, powerful spurts that have an edge, while still maintaining trademark anti-religious lyrics.

Production is very good for this type of album. The low, sometimes distant sound gives a very destructive, and evil atmosphere. Speeds are constantly varied and dmenad listener's attention. Moments can range from slow, sludgy riffs to pounding snare and solo combinations. Very technical from all aspects, but technicality that does, imho, serve a purpose, just as a composer would rely on intricate movements and measures of notes. These days it seems like everyone is clamering for the most "brootal" music, but this is not one of those albums. You catch something new with every listen and will not be dissapointed from a musical standpoint.

Written by mmk11426 on February 1st, 2006

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