Thursday, July 12, 2007

Deicide : "Scars Of The Crucifix" [2004]

Death Metal
Earache Records
 39.6 MB

Line Up:
Glen Benton - Bass & Vocals
Eric Hoffman - Guitar
Brian Hoffman - Guitar
Steve Asheim - Drums

Scars of the Crucifix

Mad at God

Conquered by Sodom

Fuck Your God

When Heaven Burns

Enchanted Nightmare

From Darkness Come

Go Now Your Lord Is Dead

The Pentecostal

Total playing time



Anonymous said...

Hey amigo, gracias por postear el disco pero podrias porfavor poner el pass del cd?

Ma†ías said...

el pass es

Ma†ías said...

Scars of the Crucifix is a mind-blower. This album is another pinnacle in the Deicide collection. I had to give it 100, because when this band is on, they're on. The self-titled debut and Legion in particular are genre must-have classics, and this one easily sits atop the pedestal with those two.

This album is unrelenting. If you want Deicide with this album, you have it. Everyone is in top form here. It's too bad that this line-up is broken in half, because they really pulled all of the elements together on this one. The production is excellent, and this is Glen Benton's best work, barely edging his legendary performance on Vital Remains' "Dechristianize".

Every song here is a standout track, but When Heaven Burns is a definite winner among winners here (they and the label must have agreed, they made a video for it). This song is followed up by Enchanted Nightmare, a total assault, in traditional Deicide fashion.

I particularly like the production of the drums. They are perfect in the mix, and don't overwhelm the music or fade into the background. This seems to be a fault with most newer death metal releases, where the bass drum is more of a "click" than a "thud" and can wear on you like someone's snapping their fingers into your headphones. None of that here, excellent job.

The guitars are biting like they were on earlier releases, and sound raw while being polished. The distortion doesn't blur any of the riffs as it can on some albums, but Glen's voice is the heaviest thing on this album. His performance on this album defines the term "brutal".

From the sounds they've never tried, to songs like From Darkness Come that harken back to the past glories of the band, this album really is a classic. Certainly not the first in their storied career as death metal genre-definers.

Written by Doomrock on February 24th, 2006

Ma†ías said...

Yes, they are back. And this time they are here to stay, not to fall back into the depths of mistrust from the fans. The guitar riffs are better than ever (at least than the predecessor and "insanerythymn") and Earache has given the band a complete new, brutal sound which in my eyes is the best one on a recorded Deicide album. The blastbeats from drummer, Steve Aasheim are dangerous for your mind and will strictly spoken blow your freaking brain out! It is not hard to notice that the drumwork on this record is excellently performed and a lot of work is involved. I have heard that the drums were recorded with to sticks on the kickdrum to give it a better sound, though Steve plays it perfectly live. The new material from the brothers, Eric and Steve Hoffmann is undescribeable. Such riffs are like gold; seldom and almost irreplaceable. The co-operation within the band strikes once again and this time they also have managed to create some melodic, beautiful solos(for example the one on the titletrack) Death metal lyrics are supposed to sound evil and hellish, but Glen Benton brings this defination to a whole new level. These growls are insane! He shows his qualities by growling for minutes and he even combines it with screams. Lyrically, it is still the same: Fuck christiannity! But I have a feeling that these lyrics are a bit more advanced than ecspecially the two passing albums.

The opening track; Scars of the crucifix is there not much to say about. I guess everybody (included me) has had the intro riff glued to their brain several times. What is outstanding on this track is the double bass drum performance from Steve Aasheim. I have not heard such fantastic footwork since "Legion" and 1992 is a long time ago.

"Conquered by sodom" is the third track and one of the fastest. It starts out with a thypical Deicide style: A groovy background riff and a chaotic, slayer-sounding solo. When the double voice, blasphemous growling from Glen starts, the showtime has begun and so marvellous it continues through the entire song.

The 4th song contains a lot of the things Deicide have made their huge success with. "Fuck your god" starts out with a coinfidential, booming riff before the speed takes control and hell is unleashed. The songs highlight is the chorus where you are compelled to sing along.

"From darkness come" is my personal favourite, maybe because of the mixure of groove, technical appearences and speed. If you consider the first songs as good, this will definately fall in the taste of yours.

The last song; "The pentecostal" is an unusual song,seen from a Deicide fans point of view. Despite its originallity, it is a great song with a lot of musical qualities. A remarkable thing on the song is the evil piano in the end. Ok, it is a bit weird, but it fits Deicide perfectly with its grimness and its horror sound.

Conclusion: Perfect album. You shall seek for a long time to find something compereable.A heavenly(or maybe a hellish) record from a superb quartet.

Written by ad on March 19th, 2005

Ma†ías said...

SOTC is the newest release from the death metal old-timers of Deicide.


I was sceptical about buying this one, because Deicide albums are always 30 minutes long and cost like 16 euros. But the samples at made me realize that I had to have it. SOTC is much better than the predecessor, In Torment in Hell, and that is coming from a dude who considers ITIH a good album.

Some people say that Deicide albums are all "shallow and one-dimensional". I don't agree at all. Deicide's style is interesting because the songs are very simple, but at the same time very technical. But mostly, I like them because the riffs are very heavy and Glen's growling vocals are awesome. Also, Steve's drumming is excellent.

All those things apply fully to SOTC. It is significantly faster and more brutal than ITIH. Brutal riffing and drumming everywhere, and some of the most powerful vocals I have heard from Glen. Some songs are quite simple (especially the first three songs and When Heaven Burns), whereas others use strange, "progressive" rhythms.

This is irritating at times, because it makes the songs less catchy and harder to listen to, but without them, I think the album would be too monotonous.

The production is exceptionally good here. SOTC is one of the best produced albums in my collection. The guitar sound is extremely heavy, and the drums are powerful without being too loud. Only irritament here is that the high-pitched backing vocals dominate a bit too much, often drowning out the deeper growling vocals (which I like better).

Highlights are the title song, When Heaven Burns and Fuck Your God, the latter being possibly the most brutal song ever from Deicide. The last song, The Pentecostal, is the weakest, and ends in a long (and IMO rather useless) piano solo. Also, the progressive rhythms don't always work and seem at times pointless and bolted-on.

Other than that, the lyrics are cheesy and predictably, it's only 29 minutes long and the nine songs sound sort of the same, but that is what you'd expect from Deicide.

All in all, I'll rate it 9/10. A great album for anyone who likes death metal (except those who already hate Deicide).

Written by Spectrum on October 31st, 2004

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