Sunday, June 10, 2007

Job for a Cowboy : "Genesis" [2007]

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Banda: Job for a Cowboy


Death Metal


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~ 278 kbps

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Ma†ías said...

Job For A Cowboy isn't the greatest, though I enjoyed the Doom EP for a while. Ill admit that. But the boredom set in and i was left pondering the slams and traces of hardcore wishing that maybe they would take the next step and make something more interesting and 'brutal'. It happened.

This album is a turn in the right direction. Most of the breakdowns have been demolished, replaced with fast double bass and blast beats in the vein of modern brutal death metal. The vocals are pretty much the same, guttural yelling and once in a while someone jumps in with a tasteful high. But the vocals are more well executed, more 'mature' you could say. Same could be said for the guitars. The slams are gone but the blasting riffs are the same, just evolved. The chugging of the previous album is present but more tasteful and not as 'core' sounding. Every now and then the drums get started in what sounds like will turn into the Doom style breakdown but that usually quickly evaporates as it goes back into the death metal style. Its all so enjoyable. But there is a problem that keep the score at 85 and not 95-100...

Each song sounds the same. Well not entirely. But there have been a few times while listening to this album that ill look at the play list and say 'Whens this song end?' only to find out that the song ended three tracks ago and its actually a brand new song that sounds identical to the ones before it. But i guess its not a huge defect. But its enough to keep the score at 85 and not in the 90s.

Pick this album up with a open mind. Ignore the fact that its the same band that popularized deathcore for 5 minutes and just listen. You might take a liking to it ;D.


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