Friday, June 29, 2007

Intestine Baalism : "An Anatomy Of The Beast" [1997]

..:: Información del Álbum ::..
Banda: Intestine Baalism
An Anatomy Of The Beast


Death Metal


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Ma†ías said...

Intestine Baalism are the underground pioneers of the "melodic death metal that doesn't forget the DEATH part" movement. This album shows their humble beginnings in the form of atmospheric/melodic death metal. The production quality is almost raw at times, with a lot of low-end bass rumbling. It has an organic yet distant feel to it that's just the right amount of x (intimacy with the listener) and y (spatial, secluded anti-personal feeling) to keep you enthralled until it ends. The band goes from grinding, resonant, cavernous bass drops at times to melodic, almost (dare I say) Gothenburgesque melodic leads and riffs in practically no time at all. The vocals are amazing. 2 different styles of vocals permeate from the stinking, putrid depths of the Beast: the sepulchral, guttural death metal vocals with a fucking nice amount of tone-deaf(ening) vibrato; and atmospheric high-pitched (yet not shrieky) exclamations.

The bass is prevalent, and while it really isn't much of a lead instrument, it provides fucking KILLER rhythm sections for the band to establish their grinding melodic leads on. Drumming is technical without being pretentious. The vocals fade in and out with considerable creepiness. The screechy black-ish vocals will probably make you jump the first time you hear them. Everything fits: all melodic riffs seamlessly integrate with the brutal pounding bass sections, all vocals weave in and out of the consistent destruction wreaked upon the annals of your temporal, you get the picture. Right? Are you even still awake?

Jokes aside...this is still an amazing album...but you's not quite up to par with Banquet In The Darkness (which is blatantly one of the best metal albums of all time, and absolutely one of the best death metal releases I've ever heard, modern or old-school), but it can't really be compared. If you are into the old-school atmospheric death scene (Demilich, Demigod, Molested, um...that stuff), you will ADORE this album. If you like new-school death metal with uncanny melody and more straightforward clean production, but still retaining the GODDAMN MOST BRUTAL VOCAL PERFORMANCE IN RECENT HISTORY, you will want to go forward 6 years to BitD. Explore the Beast's Anatomy.


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