Sunday, June 24, 2007

Goatwhore : "Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun" [2003]

..:: Información del Álbum ::..
Banda: Goatwhore
Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun

Black/Death Metal



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Ma†ías said...

GOATWHORE! This here is a very good blend of extreme/black metal with death. Ben is of high caliber on this album. He's been great w/ Soilent Green, but this band's going to make his career shoot up being one of the top genre-mixing vocalists.

To start off with the eerie intro..that part gets kind of annoying and cheesy, but that's how it goes. Now the real music begins with Vengeance of Demonic Fury. This song totally crushes. The riffs are great and it sounds so precise, timed with everything. Sammy's a really good guitarist and definitely is up with the speed. I saw them live back in June, and these guys blew the crowd away.

Their actual music on this album reminds me of CoF, but it's technical, quicker, more creative, and of course the vocals annihilate cradle. Damn, these vocals are just great and never become a bore. Even the clean totally goes w/ their sound. It's a drone/doomish sound and the guitars sound so perfect and melodic. One step further, the drums are used greatly. Most of the extreme acts overuse the drummer's capability and turn it into annoying chunking blastbeats over and over...BLAH. Goatwhore definitely doesn't do that. This is an almost perfect cd, except a few riffs in the latter part of the cd sound too simple for black/death metal, it's a bit out of place. But the creativeness from the other songs make up for that.

The Sky Inferno! This song is the best song on here. It has some of the best pieces in the song to make a black/death classic. The middle of the song has a little breakdown. It sounds evil and brings you to a trance. I recommend this album to anyone who likes black metal with the occasional death vocals. Fans of Zyklon will likes this a lot. And if you like a little sludge, you'll find some of those riffs on here. This is for the open-minded and ones who like eclectic extreme metal.


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